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Is there light at the end of the dark web? 

Cyber Cerebral South Africa Summit is Endorsed by
African Society for Cyber Security Awareness.

South Africa, with more than 10,000 attempts per day and with an annual loss of R2.2 billion as result of cyber attacks, has the third highest number of cybercrimes in the world. Theft, Phishing and Ransomware attacks are typical threats, and as the new currency for cryptocurrency, cybercrime is growing rapidly now and is the underlying topic.

7EA has designed a state buy in action plan called the Cyber Cerebral South Africa Summit. The Summit brings together world renowned thinkers in cyber security and creates a nationwide awareness of technology use and cyber knowledge. It’s said that CCSAS is a “world class” event and one of its kind by its attendants and the media. This resulted in a successful volume 1 and volume 2 and has now been backed by public demand with volume 3 opening in 2020 in Cape Town.


Our vision is to ensure vast opportunities for our youth. We must proactively and thoughtfully reinvent the future of cyber security in Africa, by its future leaders. It is our responsibility to educate the South African Cyber Communities with the most updated and advanced information ensuring that we have a plan of action to combat cyber-criminals.


Our mission is to build a cyber secure nation which will be conceptualized into a plan of action by state buy-in. With the number of threats and data breaches increasing with clear evidence that home-grown cyber criminals are becoming more skilled and efficient in their “practice”. Cyber Security awareness is a fundamental aspect within our communities. The aim is to re-introduce the cyber security awareness programme to enhance the online safety and security for our communities.

4 Pillars for 2020

Hot topics for discussion for CCSAS vol.3 Cape Town 2020

Corporate Cyber Security

Skills Development in Cyber

Managing Cyber Security Crises

Personal Cyber Security

Our Leadership Council for 2020

Our Leadership Council consists of well esteemed Cyber Security and IT Leaders whose objectives are to help raise awareness in Cyber Security in South Africa and Africa.

Thabo Johnson

Founder/CEO of African Society for Cyber Security Awareness

Lucien Pierce

Director and Partner at Phukubje Pierce Masithela Attorneys

Adv. Jaqueline Fick

CEO of Viz Strat Solutions 

Meet our speakers for CCSAS Vol.3 Cape Town 2020


Sandro Bucchianeri

Group Chief Security Officer,


Prudence Mabitsela

Managing Director,

Dynamic DNA

Craig Pedersen


TCG Forensics

Glenn Gillis


Sea Monster Entertainment

Adv. Jacqueline Fick 


VizStrat Solutions

Lucien Pierce


PPM Attorneys 

Statistics for CCSAS Vol. 2

Cyber Cerebral South Africa Summit took off with a bang and went down in the books as “World Class”. Our clients play a big part in our summit with their support and enthusiasm. Take a look at a few of our statistics for CCSAS Vol.2 which took place at the Emperor’s Palace in Johannesburg.


past Attendees






Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our attendees say:

“The opportunity to hear from security officers and the practical insights and experiences they have shared instead of vendor driven presentations was most refreshing. And I also appreciate the holistic approach to the topic involving stakeholders from private sector, government and education, this bodes well for our nation and the initiatives we can put in place to identify and counter the threats while harnessing the opportunities presented by the digital revolution!”

Thato (Maruping) Mthembu

Business Development Manager at Lexis Nexis

“It was an honour to be invited to attend the Cyber Cerebral Summit at Emperor’s Palace in October 2019. It is a great experience to attend such an event where you can collaborate with like-minded people and companies who are taking a stance against Cyber-crime and sharing their knowledge and experiences. The break-away sessions were and good and
enjoyed the Guest Speakers presentations during the Summit and provided great networking opportunities. Thank you to 7 Events Africa and event coordinators for the Summit it was well organised.Looking forward to future Cyber Events.”

Craig van der Bank

Operations Director at Cryptolect (Pty) Ltd

“I believe that the Cyber Cerebral event was an excellent event that invited experienced leaders in both academia and industry to discuss some of the most prevalent issues facing the cybersecurity industry, particularly within an African context – it was conducted in a manner that removed the mystique from the industry and made it relatable to the ordinary South African, while also discussing the development of the space for current professionals. I believe it is imperative for leaders (whether in private or public sectors) to attend events such as Cyber Cerebral, regardless of their function within an organization because it is where they can learn of the growing importance of the space – as companies can no longer ignore the possible ramifications of cyber incidents on their company operations.”

Lengasi Mzirai

Masters Graduate in Cyber Security


View the introduction video to CCSAS Vol.2

Watch a video on our latest summit